Here in the West, we try to order shingles the day before they will be installed. Suppliers arrive with a hoist and stack both shingles and felt paper directly onto the roof. An experienced delivery person knows to stack bundles of shingles about 6 ft. apart on both sides of the roof.

The other way to get shingles onto the roof is the hard way —hoisting one bundle at a time. If you must haul roofing shingles up to the roof yourself, make sure you have a secure ladder that is positioned properly and is 2 ft. to 3 ft. taller than the roof. It s a good idea to nail a temporary 2x tread at the spot on the roof where you will step off the ladder.This tread provides a solid foothold where you need it most.

BUST THE BUNDLE. Shingles are much easier to carry if you “bust” the bundle first. Pick up a bundle and lay it across a sawhorse. Push down on both ends until the bundle curves downward. A curved bundle is easier and safer to carry on your shoulder than a straight, stiff one (see the photo at right).

Pick up the bundle by bending your knees and draping the bundle over your shoulder.This is not always easy, because a bundle of shingles can weigh as much as 80 lb. Ascend the ladder slowly and watch your balance. Don t throw down bundles between rafters, or you could break the OSB sheathing. Just set them on the roof without a lot of force, and space the bundles so that they re easy to grab while you re shingling.